Two Shows

It has been a while since the three stands of rope have been united into an unbreakable sonic stand.  It is time once again to come together and send out the secrets of sound.

Two shows the next two weekends:

#1 Veg Club Snack Fest 


Get your collegiate socks on and prepare to get them knocked off.  We are playing at St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD this Sunday, Dec 7th at 7pm.  In the Coffeeshop on campus.  The college is known for their croquet prowess and soon to be known for the Vegan/Vegetarian Club’s stellar live concert.  and in the words of Andrew Bird, “there will be snacks.”


#2 Birthday Bashdown Brooklyn

Jeff is finally turning 21!  Join us at Pet Rescue in Brooklyn for his birthday bashdown. Saturday, Dec 13th.

Here is the info.

540024_10200620040970606_1306697449_nCome on down.


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