New song: Live video alive. “Stacks and Stacks”


Cedarwell still writes songs and plays concerts.  here is a newer song about being real and real.  take it slowly.

this one has Cedarwell with three people.  we will try it all again soon for the DCW album release show on Sat, June 30th at Paradigm with the fantastic Daredevil Christopher Wright.  part of the proceeds will go to the troy tousey memorial fund.  he recently passed away in a tragic bicycle accident.  he was such a vibrant member of the Sheboygan community.  he will be missed.


1947- song for Groninger Museum exhibition

On first look, this painting had an unusually calming effect on me. The more I looked at it – the standing wheat, the encroaching green grass on the left, the rays of light or rain in the background – the more I heard a story come through the painting. The year ‘47 placed clearly in the bottom right corner kept tugging at my writing and focusing my thoughts on the element of time and urgency in the painting. The work in the field is done, but something about the growing grass on the side and the rays of light/rain at the back leave a sense of urgency and fear that I could not shake. So we end up with a song from the perspective of the field with all its fears and hopes for the future.

Holy Heart-a lost song, found

this song has been meaning to go on an album for some time.  it is a slippery tune and we can not catch it entire.  a few people have asked where to get it, so i decided to let the demo version we released on the acclaimed “Fall ’08 Tour EP”  here she blows.

Erik solo tour in Europe

April 27: Vera-Groningen, NL w/ The Black Atlantic

April 28: Tivoli (de Helling)-Utrecht, NL w/ The Black Atlantic

April 29: Haldern Pop Bar-Haldern, DE

April 30: Secret Hero Concerts-Gent, BE CANCELLED

May 1: Roepaen-Ottersum, NL w/ The Black Atlantic

May 2: House Show-Zwolle, NL

May 3: The Livingroom Society-Göttingen, DE w/ Dan Costello

May 4: The Village-Utrecht, NL (early in store show @16:00)

May 4: ACU-Utrecht, NL w/ Underground Railroad, The Happy Few

May 5: House Show-Middelburg, NL

May 6: House Show-Tilburg, NL

May 7: AMP-Munster, DE w/ Bjorn Kleinhenz!

May 8: The Living Room Society-Hamburg, DE



Austin meet Wisconsin.
Thursday, March 17th, we will be playing an unofficial showcase along with fellow Wisconsin artists, bloggers, promoters, journalists, businesses and creatives. Come say hello. We start at 1pm.
You can also follow @sxwisconsin on twitter.


Its finally here kids.
Jared and Erik recorded this last winter before heading out to tour Europe.
In case any of you haven’t heard of Daytrotter, they are a group of guys from Rock Island, Illinois, that record and post live sessions of bands from, well, everywhere. We are honored to have been daytrotted.
Check out the whole session here.