// B A N D B I O //



swiss solo

A man and his dog. They go for a hike. Holy Smokes! It’s a bear!!!!

Cedarwell’s Erik Neave well embodies his northern heritage. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, should be proud of such a wonderfully full beard, such tough flannel shirts and darkly twisted, acoustic-pop songs that seem to ride nature’s very rhythm. Crisp clarity and addicting genuineness hibernate Neave’s voice somewhere in the back of your memory, somewhere where it can stay for a long, long time, constantly reminding you that this is Wisconsin, and winter never really ends.


Erik G. Neave-acoustic guitar, voice
Jared Beckman-drums, voice, sounds
Jeff Patlingrao-electric guitar


A Stone, A Leaf, A Door – 2010

Alive Alone in Berlin – Limited edition EP

Fall Tour EP – 2008

Smoky Mountain Bear – 2008

Gamboge – 2006

Cedarwell – (EP) 2005

Cedarwell as “Amalgam”-Play the Man(2002) and Of All the Latest Trends (2004)

Cedarwell as Erik G. Neave-Self Titled (2003)

One thought on “// B A N D B I O //

  1. As one Wisconsin guy to others, I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your work. Holy Heart is, simply, one of best songs I’ve heard since discovering it a couple of years ago. Brilliant!

    If you aren’t aware of another WI guy (well, he’s from Duluth, but I met him while he was in college in Madison) I wanted to note Mike Behrends: http://www.mikebehrends.com/lyrics.html

    I hope all of your guys get the run that Bon Iver has received. Your work merits it.

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