// P R E S S //

2- Way up

Daytrotter: “The way we function, as if we didn’t already know it, is as curious beasts who need to need to NEED to know…..”  Read full post »

3Voor12 (Dutch Review) : “Na een korte warming-up van de oren door eenmans-emoband Orca Age verandert Cedarwell Cul de Sac voor…”  Read full post »

Schallgrenzen (German Review) : “Wo zum Teufel liegt Sheboygan? Weit weg in der Walachei, so  ist zu vermuten. Und tatsächlich ist es…” Read full post »

Record Dept. : “The Wisconsin indie folk act Cedarwell release their third full-length A Stone, A Leaf, A Door (the title is an homage…” Read full post »

File Under (Netherlands Review) : “Na een prachtig concert in Cul de Sac in Tilburg had ik A Stone, A Leaf, A Door van Cedarwell…” Read full post »

Knox Road“Cedarwell is a Wisconsin folk band sent my way by Sebastian over at the lovely Common Folk Meadow blog after…” Read Full Post>

OurFolk : “Cedarwell comes from the state of Wisconsin. I completely forgot that Wisconsin existed, but it still…” Read full post »

Common Folk Meadow “Cedarwell – A Stone, A Leaf, A Door. self-released 2010.  Listen while…” Read full post »

I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS “I am home from an incredible, restorative weekend in Nashville, immersed in beauty, gorging on art and music. On the…” Read full post »

Indie Muse “If you like Bon Iver, Wisconsin, and beards, you need to check out Cedarwell. Erik Neave, the main man behind…” Read full post »

Slowcoustic “Cedarwell – Untitled from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo . After watching the above video, make sure you grab the track plus…” Read full post »

The Pursuit of Folk : “In the fall of 05, Cedarwell resealed their first EP and began touring extensively between their two…” Read full post »

One thought on “// P R E S S //

  1. Hi Erik,
    Great update to the site! I like the artwork and chance to view the videos. I miss you and it helps to see the fresh material and news. Later.

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